Michael Mason

About the Photographer

Michael Mason is an obsessional birder with a passion for photography and a life-long love for all nature.

He has travelled extensively in Southern Africa (which includes Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland and South Africa).  His love for all things wild undoubtedly encouraged from a young age by his parent’s (both teachers), who would often take the family to game reserves or on camping trips during the school holidays.

The photography passion was shared with his father and grandfather on his mother’s side.  He remembers fondly an old box camera that his grandfather gave him as a child.  It was held at the waste and you looked down into the pop-up viewfinder from the top.  Boxes and boxes of slides, most taken on good old Velvia and Provia slide film, still attest to his passion dating back to long before automatic metering/focus and instant-feedback joys of digital cameras these days.

Obviously these days he shoots with the latest Canon offerings and he likes to say:  “My car may be twenty years old, but my camera is always new…”

Currently residing in Cape Town, South Africa, Michael is a doting father to two bright-eyed boys and a lucky husband to a wonderful woman. 

Above all, they fly!

In a world where we seem to be becoming increasingly disconnected with each other and all the living things we share this planet with, it seems essential that we create avenues to bring nature back into our lives.

Habitat and biodiversity loss is increasing at an alarming rate and along with it a vital connection to something that feeds our souls (quite literally as well).  The lost art of contentment highlights the many empty pursuits that preoccupy many of us in our daily survival struggle, which sadly distracts us from much of the soul-satisfying natural beauty around us.

It is my sincere hope, that in some small way these images connect people again to the wonder of the natural world around them.  That they spark a yearning to know, experience and ultimately love and protect the world these fellow sojourners share.

For all the incomprehensible scale and grandeur of the stars and galaxies, they all but pale into insignificance, when compared to the wonder of life, in all its precious diversity.

For me personally, none more fascinating, than the masters of freedom and flight.  Tenacious, intelligent, many loyal and long-lived, all incredibly adapted, they capture the imagination like few other creatures can.  Perhaps it is that their sight and sound focused existence matches more closely our own orientation to the world, as opposed to the relatively drabber scent-driven mammals that we share stronger biological ties to.

They are not only beautiful to look at, but also display fascinating behaviour.  They sing, they dance, they preen, they add sound and colour to the world.  But above all, they fly! They fly, and with them, our souls soar and our imagination is given wings.


Birding rocks.


Photography rocks.


Building a website is hard worrk.